About MFN

The Macomb Feminist Network works for social justice to support women of any ability, age, class, race/ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation and to address the following issues:

  • Increase feminist participation and involvement on local boards/commissions in the political arena.
  • Equal employment, educational opportunities, equity in pay and benefits, including domestic partner benefits
  • Research on and access to quality women’s health care
  • Political violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, harassment, degradation or discrimination
  • Reproductive choice
  • Equal Rights Amendment

Feminist:  One who believes women should have the same political, economical, and social rights as men.
Feminism:  The organized activity and advocacy for the rights and interests of all women to benefit all people women, men, and children.

Contact Information

The Macomb Feminist Network

P.O. Box 765

Macomb, Il 61455

Email- info@macombfeminists.org

One thought on “About MFN

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