About MFN

The Macomb Feminist Network works for social justice to support women of any ability, age, class, race/ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation and to address the following issues:

  • Increase feminist participation and involvement on local boards/commissions in the political arena.
  • Equal employment, educational opportunities, equity in pay and benefits, including domestic partner benefits
  • Research on and access to quality women’s health care
  • Political violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, harassment, degradation or discrimination
  • Reproductive choice
  • Equal Rights Amendment

Feminist:  One who believes women should have the same political, economical, and social rights as men.
Feminism:  The organized activity and advocacy for the rights and interests of all women to benefit all people women, men, and children.

Macomb Feminist Network Board:  Ruth Kelly, Martha Klems, Margaret Ovitt,  Rebecca Parker, Melanie Rawlins, Elisa Rasmussen,  Janice Welsch

Writing Women Into History Committee:   Krista Bowers-Sharpe, Gayle Carper, Ruth Kelly,  Alice Trimmer, Patricia Walton

Contact Information

The Macomb Feminist Network

P.O. Box 765

Macomb, Il 61455

Email- info@macombfeminists.org

One thought on “About MFN

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